Our experienced Audiologists have over a decade of experience in thorough testing and identifying concerns with hearing health. After the assessment, we can discuss the range award winning digital hearing aids available that are suitable for your needs. Whether it is comfort, discreteness or practicality we can find the right hearing aid for you.

Signs of hearing loss

  • Difficulty hearing other people clearly and misunderstanding what they say, especially in noisy places
  • Asking people to repeat themselves
  • Listening to music or watching TV with the volume higher than other people need
  • Difficulty hearing on the phone
  • Finding it hard to keep up with a conversation
  • Feeling tired or stressed from having to concentrate while listening


Frequently Asked Questions

Hearing loss is very common yet can be undiscovered for many years as it deteriorates gradually in most people. Nearly 42% of people over the age of 50 years old have hearing loss increasing to 70% of people above the age of 70 years old.

Hearing aids can make all round communication significantly easier however it cannot the replace the hearing that has been lost.

In general hearing aids have an average lifespan of 5 years.

You would need to have a consultation with an Audiologist as their are many factors that can affect what styles you are suitable for. The main considerations are severity of hearing loss, size and shape of ear.

After these factors have been taken into considerations there is a range of behind the ear and in the ear aids which are excellent for taking care of your hearing needs.

Most hearing aids need batteries changing between 3-7 days. Other larger hearing aids with bigger batteries could last up to 10 days. Fortunately we have great ranges of rechargeable hearing aids available so for many of out patients this is no longer a concern.

No. Hearing aids are water resistant but they are not waterproof. It means that our hearing aids are designed to do well in different weather conditions however there are times when the devices should not be worn. For example bathing, swimming, sauna, steam rooms etc.

The process can vary from person to person depending on age, hearing loss and cognitive function. Hearing loss tends to creep up on us gradually by deteriorating little by little year by year. This means that over time there are many sounds that you are not used to hearing from your ears but your brain doesn’t fully recognise as well. This is why it is advised to persevere with hearing aids to allow your ears and brain the time to adjust to a full range of sounds and get the best out of your life.

When you have a hearing loss it means that your brain is having to work harder to compensate for a sense that is lacking. Unfortunately this can lead to your body taking on additional strain and stress. You may see when somebody who has hearing loss wants you to look directly at them with focus; or speak more slowly so they can understand what you are saying. Hearing aids reduce the strain and stress cause by hearing loss and make it easier to hear and focus on speech.

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